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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I select a pump?

Use the configurator if you do not yet know what pump you need: Specify your requirements in the selection window and drag the mobile point on the graph to the desired operating point (pressure p/flow Q). Alternatively, enter values for pressure and flow directly into the fields on the edge of the chart. All eligible models to choose from are then displayed. If you choose one of these models will start the actual ordering process. If you already know which pump you need, select the tab products from the desired model and start directly with the order.

I am not sure regarding the design and the configuration of the pump. Can I get some advice?

Please contact us. We would be pleased to support you regarding your selection and the correct configuration. If the selection is available in the pump shop, the price stated there applies.

What can I do, if I need a pump configuration, which is not shown in the shop?

The Web Shop includes a limited selection of ecosmart pumps. In case none of the pumps matches with your requirements, please contact us. Many more variants are available from LEWA.

Why can I get only ecosmart pumps from the shop?

LEWA is an expert for customized manufacturing. We prefer direct communication with you in order to adapt the pumps and systems exactly to your requirements. Therefore we have limited our pump shop offer to a few, pre-configured ecosmart pumps.

Is the quality equivalent to the usual high LEWA standards?

Yes, of course. Each pump will be designed, manufactured and tested according to your selection.

In which country will the pumps be manufactured?

Each ecosmart pump will be designed, manufactured and tested in Germany.

What exactly happens after the order has been placed?

First you will receive an E-mail as acknowledgement of receipt to the E-mail address you have registered. Please check your mailbox. Within the next working days an order confirmation will be sent to you by E-mail as well. With the receipt of the order confirmation the purchase contract is concluded. We explicitly reserve the right for acceptance of your order.

Do I receive an invoice for my purchase order?

Yes. For orders with advance payment and down payment the invoice will be sent with the order confirmation. Otherwise the invoice will be sent at time of despatch of goods. For more information please refer to the payment and delivery terms.

What is the delivery time?

For a total order quantity of up to 10 pumps the goods are ready for delivery ex works Leonberg within a maximum of 10 working after order confirmation and receipt of payment in case of advance payment and down payment.

For an order quantity of 11 pumps and more, we reserve the right to review and confirm the delivery time with the order confirmation. However, the delivery time is maximum 8 weeks after receipt of payment. (Incoterms 2010 CPT named place of destination / airport)

The time for transportation varies depending on the country and the region. Within the European Union (also valid for Switzerland and Norway) shipment will be preferably carried out by truck. Non-EU deliveries by airfreight.

How is the customs clearance carried out?

LEWA issues the required customs documents. The consignee is responsible for import customs clearance and onward-carriage.

Can I get the same prices as stated also via my local LEWA partner or sales agent?

No. Please understand that only a lean, web-supported order processing leads to these web-shop prices.

What kind of payment is accepted in the online shop?

You can only order in the online pump shop. A purchase contract is concluded only with the subsequent order confirmation. Subsequently, the order amount has to be paid via bank transfer. For payment details please refer to the invoice.

Which are the bank details?

For payment details please refer to the invoice.

Why do I have to state the end user for the pump?

If the pump is exported from Germany the regulations, embargos and restrictions of the Foreign Trade Law (German abbreviation AWG), German Foreign Trade Regulations (German abbreviation AWV), as well as the export control regulations of the EU must be strictly adhered to. For this reason you have to state the final destination and end use.

Is purchasing in the online shop safe? Is my data protected?

Your data is encrypted for transfer and saved for the purpose of the business transaction only. For details please refer to the privacy policy.